Will Drafting and Storage Service

"I have been meaning to make a Will for years, but have never quite got round to it!"

Is this you? Nobody likes to think about making a Will, but there are very few people who can honestly say they don't need one! If you die without a Will, the law provides a set of rules as to what happens to your assets (rules of intestacy), but these are not always appropriate, and if you wish something different, such as to make your unmarried partner a beneficiary, or leave money to charity, or even to provide for a pet, then you will have to make a Will to ensure your wishes are respected.

A properly constructed, signed, and witnessed Will will do the following for you:

There are a lot of myths surrounding Wills, for example you don't need a solicitor to make or administer your Will unless your affairs are very complex (If we think you need a specialist solicitor we'll tell you so). However, your Will is a legal document that places legal obligations on your executor. Your instructions must therefore be complete, unambiguous and achievable.

You should also consider whether all your assets can be identified - there are millions of pounds of untraced assets held by financial institutions because of peoples' failure to securely document their existence.

For a modest fee, Willrite will analyse and agree your requirements and produce a Will for you. For a small extra fee we will document your assets and names and addresses of beneficiaries and contacts and append them to your Will. For "mirror" Wills (yourself and partner) the second Will is half-price, provided both are done together. For a small annual fee we will arrange secure storage of your Will and update it as you require, either free or for a nominal fee, depending on size of changes.

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