Families can suffer acute distress and financial hardship caused by lengthy delays, sometimes years, in dealing with the estate of a person who dies intestate (has not made a will).

One of the most important reasons for making a Will if you have children is to determine who you would like to be their guardians if they are orphaned. It is important here to seek agreement in advance with potential guardians before appointing them in your Will.

Most people assume their next of kin will automatically inherit all their assets of they die without having made a Will. This is not always so.


Treasured family heirlooms often have to be auctioned because no one can agree who should inherit them. By making a Will you will help to avoid disagreements betweeen your family or friends that might otherwise occur.

By making a Will you can relieve a grieving family of the decisions regarding your funeral arrangements.

Insurance companies and other financial institutions hold millions of pounds of untraced assets because people have not documented their existence. With your Will is an ideal place to have a record of all your assets.

Millions of pounds are paid each year in Inheritance Tax (IHT). Arranging a Will can help to reduce potential IHT, or even avoid it altogether.

The taxman will also benefit from the full value of your estate if you have no one to leave it to. Should you wish it to go to a charity, this can only be achieved by making a Will.

Willrite can prepare a list of names and addresses of everyone that appears in your Will, along with a list of assets (but not their value). This will make your executor's job so much easier!

If you take advantage of our Willsafe facility, those asset and address lists can be updated at ant time by email at no cost.