PC Navtex Pro Application

What is Navtex?   Navtex is an international standard system for broadcasting maritime safety and navigation information using VHF TTY. Messages include weather forecasts and warnings, shipping hazards, and SAR information.

Needs:        Nasa Marine Navtex receiver engine. All versions of the engine will work with this software, but only the latest version of the hardware supports all the facilities of the application. It uses a serial interface to receive data from the engine. this can be a serial interface cable, a USB serial interface, or even (if you are a bit technical) a serial bluetooth adaptor.

Platform:   Runs on Windows XP to Windows 10.

Status:         Currently at issue 4. Will not be further updated as as the VFP6 platform is obsolete.

Support:   Limited support available from nasa@willrite.co.uk

Obtain from:    Ships free with the Nasa Marine Navtex engine on CD. If you need a download, email Willrite support.