1.   22/09/2020 Problems connecting with Samsung Android 10  

Scans OK, app says connected, but no sychronisation text and device green LED not lit. Still may be possible to customise boat name, as phone to device communication works, but not vice-versa.

This is a Samsung problem between their Android devices and Microchip RN4020 bluetooth with MLDP (used by Nasa Marine), only noted with Android 10. Some Samsung phones were initially unaffected, but more recently have failed. Some of those originally affected have subsequently fixed by a futher update. This is not an app problem. The BT-3 is only one of many devices affected. 

Issue still active March 2021 Also now seen on Samsung with Android 11

Nasa Marine have a hardware programme fix which appears to work for all Android devices, including affected Samsung devices. Contact them, or me, for details.