BlueNavtex2 Android app

Free app available on the Google Play Store:

What is Navtex?

Navtex is an international standard system for broadcasting maritime information using VHF TTY. Messages include weather forecasts and warnings, shipping hazards, and SAR information.

How does this App access the data?

Nasa Marine Ltd ( manufacture a Navtex receiver engine which incorporates a bluetooth 4 (BTLE) interface, designated BT-3. The BlueNavtex2 app was developed to interface to Nasa Marine's device.

The Nasa device receives and stores all Navtex messages within range, typically a couple of day's-worth. It operates on 518 or 490KHz at any one time, dependant on manual selection or by the programmable timer function. You can retrieve an index to the stored messages and view/filter them using the app while connected to the device.

Mobile device requirements:

Smartphone or tablet with Adroid 4.3 upwards and bluetooth 4.  Note that having LOCATION switched on is an operating system (Android 6 upwards) requirement for using BTLE, although the app does not use it or incorporate any form of tracking system.

Customised parameters required by the app:

Your boat name or other 8-char ID to identify and connect your BT-3 device

PIN for security

Channel switching schedule for the two operating frequencies of the BT-3 (optional)

Your personal list of stations and message codes that you want to view.