BlueNavtex2 Android app

Free app available on the Google Play Store:

What is Navtex?

Navtex is an international standard system for broadcasting maritime information using VHF TTY. Messages include weather forecasts and warnings, shipping hazards, and SAR information.

Nasa Marine Ltd ( manufacture a Navtex receiver engine which incorporates a bluetooth 4 (BTLE) interface, designated BT-3. The BlueNavtex2 app was developed to interface to Nasa Marine's device.

The Nasa device receives and stores all Navtex messages within range, typically a couple of day's-worth. It operates on 518 or 490KHz. You can retrieve the stored messages and view/filter them using the app.

Mobile device requirements:

Smartphone or tablet with Adroid 4.3 upwards and bluetooth 4.  Note that having LOCATION switched on is an operating system (Android 6 upwards) requirement for using BTLE, although the app does not use it or incorporate any form of tracking system.

Customised parameters required by the app:

Your boat name or other 8-char ID to identify and connect your BT-3 device

PIN for security

Channel switching schedule for the two operating frequencies of the BT-3 (optional)

Your personal list of stations and message codes that you want to view.