BlueBM Privacy and Data  statement: Goldhill Services 18/03/2024

The BlueBM app functions only as a user interface to the Nasa Marine Ltd BM1 battery monitor hardware via a short-range Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) wireless link. It collects no personal user data of any kind.

 Storage of data within the app is limited to the name of the BM1 hardware device, certain parameters of the battery system being monitored, and limited history of previous readings.

 The requirement for some/all of Location, Scan and Connect permissions is a function of the BTLE system and is not used by the app.

Data displayed by the app are real-time readings and not retained by the app except as a limited history file.

The BlueBM app does not interface to any other non-system app, and does not access the web except for user help purposes.

No security systems are employed, except in that personalised settings cannot be implemented/modified without physical access to the BM1 unit itself.