BlueBM Android app

Free app available on the Google Play Store:

Nasa Marine Ltd ( manufacture a battery monitor intended primarily at the leisure marine market, though there are other possible applications such as motor homes. Data collected includes present voltage levels of the service and starter batteries, plus charge/discharge periods for the service battery estimated from the  amps currently flowing . The device uses a shunt inserted in the main service battery connection and is normally located in the boat's battery compartment

The bluetooth-enabled version of this device (designated BM-1) outputs data on request from the app via a bluetooth 4 (BTLE) wireless link.

Your Android device must be 4.3 or higher and support bluetooth 4.


Customised parameters required by the app:

Your boat name or other 8-char ID to identify and connect your BM -1 device

PIN for security

Service battery capacity and typical ambient temperature for calculations.

Data displayed by the app:

Starter battery voltage

Service battery voltage

Service battery charge/discharge rate and percentage charge

Service battery time-to-charge / time-to discharge at current rate

Limited history - last 10 uses of the app.

Things to note:

This is not a continuous use system. Although the BM device runs 24/7 the wireless link needs to be disconnected after use, so exit the app when done.