Business Software -

Do you need some software specific to the way you work? Do you find that the commercial packages that are around are far too complicated? Are you still working with dog-eared pricelists and uncontrolled spreadsheets? Do you have to print out data from one system and re-type it into another?

Think carefully about the tools and processes you use. The above situations are examples where you could cost-effectively use the type of bespoke database packages and specialist software tools that Willrite can provide.

You can download a free fully-functional example of our expertise by clicking on the link below. This is a quote "engine" that you can customise with your own logo and stocklist to create an instant telephone quoting facility. If you can use it as it is, be our guest, but we would appreciate your feedback.

CLICK HERE  to download the Quote Manager package.

Email, write or phone if you would like to know more.